Dear colleagues!

In September 2017 Russian Fur Union has turned 20 years old. Many of those who stood at the origins of the establishment of the organization are not with us today and we will always be grateful to them for their contribution to the development of the fur industry of the Soviet Union and Russia.

Over these years, a difficult path has been passed. Stable, prosperous periods of activity of enterprises of our industry were interrupted by protracted economic crises. Survivors managed to become competitive, also competitive in the global fur business, where our country plays a key role in the turnover of fur products.

RFU today is a team of like-minded people, represented by all segments of the fur industry from the production of farmed and wild furs, tailoring and selling of fur products, scientific and other types of industry support.

The RFU has a high rating among the professional community, regional and federal state and public structures. The International Fur Federation (IFF), national associations of countries with a developed fur business and international experts who work with natural fur are listening attentively to the opinion of the Union when preparing and taking decisions.

The main task of the RFU is to protect and promote the interests of the industry, to participate in the development and implementation of promising program documents for business development, and to formulate and implement the proposals of the members of the Union.

How the Russian Fur Union Was Established

Ildar Akkhuzin


Evgeniy Simonov


Sergey Stolbov


Anatoly Zhemchuzhin


Victor Chipurnoy


Irina Krutikova


After the fall of the Soviet Union, which led to the breakdown of most of the traditional ties between economic entities in the former Soviet republics and in Russia and the sharp reduction in the production of light industry goods, the fur industry needed to restore and consolidate links between enterprises, organizations and institutions of the industry and protect their interests.

On September 24, 1997, the constituent assembly of the Russian Fur Union was established at the initiative of IldarAkkhuzin, Victor Chipurnoy, Sergey Stolbov, Evgeniy Simonov, Anatoly Zhemchuzhin, Irina Krutikova, Alexander Saydinov and otherwell-known leaders and specialists in the industry.

Russian Fur Union is an independent non-profit organization

The founders of the Union are 27 legal entities. In January 1998, the Council meeting was held in St. Petersburg, where the first plan of the Union's main directions of work was approved, the most important of which was lobbying for the interests of large enterprises of the fur industry, research institutes, and fur farmers. It was the main task in the period of economic collapse and chaos - not to lose the industry.

On the Rights of the Russian National Association in 1998, the RFU was admitted to the International Fur Trade Federation, established in 1949, at the initiative of the USSR.

The Union is the only professional association in Russia, integrated into the international professional community, which includes 56 organizations from 44 countries - the main producers and sellers of fur products.



  • Creating a competitive environment for the management of fur busines in Russia.
  • Preservation and support of employment in the industry.
  • Restoration and further development of the industry's production and export potential.
  • Active interaction with key federal ministries and departments, public associations, unions and associations on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of the fur industry.


  1. Protection and lobbying of interests of Russian representatives of fur and fur businesses in the legislative and executive authorities;
  2. Assisting members of the RFU in solving practical issues;
  3. Participation in the formation of the policy, strategy and prospects for the development of the industry at the state level;
  4. Participation in the formation of customs and tariff policy;
  5. Active opposition to the aggressive policy of animal rights activists in Russia;
  6. Organization of gala-shows and professional competitions;
  7. Conducting conferences and seminars;
  8. Assistance in conducting scientific research;
  9. Formation of a positive image and competitiveness of the fur industry;
  10. Information support of industry publications;
  11. Carrying out the policies and decisions of the International Fur Federation in Russia;
  12. Cooperation with Fur Associations and Unions of foreign countries;
  13. Participation and organization of the international fur fairs.


  1. Support and development of the fur industry in Russia.
  2. Promoting the interests of the business sector by creating and maintaining a competitive business environment, promoting the growth and development of industry enterprises.
  3. Increase the prestige of domestic producers and sellers of fur products in domestic and foreign markets.
  4. Study and generalization of problems and tasks facing the members of the Union, development of proposals for their implementation.
  5. Protection of rights and representation of the interests of members of the Union in state and other bodies, as well as in international organizations.
  6. Creation of a single center for supporting the enterprises of the industry and its visualization in the eyes of both entrepreneurs and consumers.


  1. Sergey Stolbov
    (President of the Russian Union)
  2. Ilya Akkhuzin
    (Co-fouder, Fur Refrigerator Ltd)
  3. Elena Shmatova
    (CEO at Auction House "Sojuzpushnina")
  4. Nikolay Boyko
    (General Director of OOO MekhRegionTorg) 
  5. Vugar Isaev
    (Chairman of the Board of the Network of shops "Snow Queen")
  6. Anna Orlova 
    (Coordinator of Federal Programmes on Labeling of Light Industry Goods AKORT)
  7. Sergey Kusenkov
    (CEO of Fashion House“Kussenkovv”)
  8. Leonid Matrenitsky
    (Chairman of the Regional Association of Hunters and Fishermen "Krechet")
  9. Arkady Revzin
    (CEO at Auction House “Ruspushnina”)
  10. Agarun Mardakhaev
    (Chairman of Multy Functional Busines Center "Soft Gold")
  11. Leonid Tolstenko
    (CEO at Leon-Elit)
  12. Artem Khachaturov
    (CEO at LLC "Exclusive-M")
  13. Georgiy Chetverkin
    (Director ofSavvatievo fur farm)

Being a member of RFU means:

  1. Become part of a large fur community;
  2. Participate in the development of policy decisions in the sphere of fur business;
  3. Participate in the development of programs for the future development of the industry;
  4. Find business partners in all regions of Russia and abroad;
  5. Be in the information flow;
  6. Participate in the activities of the RFU (forums, conferences, meetings, competitions, shows, master classes, including international ones);
  7. Get access to relevant industry analytical information and statistical data;
  8. The opportunity to participate in working meetings with representatives of regional and federal authorities.