Results of Sojuzpushnina Auction 02-03 February

From February 02-03, 2019, the Sojuzpushnina auction took place, which offered 205,041 wild sable skins, 50,163 farmed sable skins and 1,809 marten skins.

Sales demonstrated high activity of buyers from Italy, Greece, Hong Kong and Russia.

The collection of wild sable was sold at 84%. The greatest demand was for skins with silvery and large sizes. Skins with silvery were sold at the price level of the April 2018 auction with some increase depending on the specification. Medium-sized pelts were also sold at April auction prices level. Small sizes were sold with a slight decrease in prices.

The top lot of wild sable was purchased by Tsoukas Bros and Sons (Greece) for Lolo Furs (China) for  1,800$ per skin.

The collection of farmed sable was sold at 25% with a slight decrease in prices relative to the December 2018 auction.

The marten collection was sold at 98% at an average price of 50$ per skin.

Unlike the December sales of Sojuzpushnina and the January sales in Copenhagen, the current auction showed a positive mood in the market.

The next Sojuzpushnina auction will be held from April 22-26, 2019.

Detailed sales results can be found here.

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