Breakfast with bloggers

On 9 December 2019, breakfast with bloggers was held in Moscow, organized by the international auction Kopenhagen Fur and Russian Fur Union with the support of Cosmo Shopping magazine.

More than 10 bloggers with 150,000 to 1 million followers took part in this event. The Russian Fur Union, Kopenhagen Fur, Ekaterina Furs, Braschi, Manakas Frankfurt, Amplua, Snow Queen and Vtoroy Mekhovoy participated from the fur industry side.

The topics were discussed: "Fake-Fur does not mean ecology" - production of fake fur coats from eco-fur actually has nothing to do with eco-friendliness. Myths about fake-fur were debunked, that production of synthetic fur is not as bright as it looks at first sight. We talked about women's beauty, how important it is for any woman in the modern world to look beautiful and luxurious, about the thoughts and desires of women when choosing fur, how to care for natural fur products and others.

Bloggers supported the fact that in Russia we can’t do without natural fur. Information about the event is widely presented in social networks with positive comments in defense of natural fur.


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