Certification of auctions Sojuzpushnina and Ruspushnina in accordance with the international project Furmark Wild Sable.

From 22 to 25 September in St. Petersburg, within the framework of the Furmark international project, independent inspectors from the Federal Center for the Development of Hunting Economy under the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation assessed the activities of the Sojuzpushnina and Ruspushnina auctions in terms of compliance with the Furmark program requirements for the sale of sable skins.

The experts audited the entire list of documents to establish the entire supply chain of sable skins from the regions of hunting to the auction house, as well as visual check of the skins for the humanity of trapping. The assessment was carried out on randomly selected lots and the entire document flow was established for each skin.

If skins are identified that, according to experts, were obtained in an inhumane way, the information is sent to the appropriate regional hunting inspectorate to find out the reasons and eliminate them.

Based on the results of assessment and on the basis of the conclusions prepared by the inspectors, the auctions Sojuzpushnina and Ruspushnina are subject to certification in accordance with the requirements of the Furmark Wild Sable project. 

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