Russian Fur Fashion Week 2018

On November 22, 2018 the announcing show “Russia. Fur Fashion Week” was held in Moscow with the support of the Russian Fur Union. The General partners were Rolls Royce, Yamaguchi and Royal Dress Form.

A unique event for Russia was held in the heart of Moscow in the building with more than a century of history. Bright, spacious hall was specially prepared for the presentation of fur collections - achromatic background, bright white light - everything that would maximize the beauty of fur.

Both Russian and foreign brands were presented on the podium.

- Korta,

- Milangel together with Braschi,

- Zima,

- Madame Matush,

- Astel by Konstantinopolski.

The participants of the Show could see more than 160 models of different styles. The show aroused great interest among the professional participants of the market: at the event, you could see representatives of the world auction houses Sojuzpushnina, NAFA, Kopenhagen Furs as well as heads of fashion houses, experts of the fur market and fashion industry. And, despite the current global trend, the press favorably accepted the show - more than 30 different media were accredited.

Perhaps, it was the first time for a long time when all lovers of fur managed to gather.

We are proud to say that Russia has got a new project – “Russia.Fur Fashion Week” that become a platform where fur brands can annually present their collections for true connoisseurs of fur.

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